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Thread: Christmas in ANNO-ho-ho Online

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    Christmas in ANNO-ho-ho Online

    The Emperor wants to build a great imperial orphanage and asks you to contribute him with materials, food and clothes for this pious project. He had the new special Imperial medals included as a thanks for all contributions. He will sent his ships to all islands of his subjects to collect the contributions. The ship is carrying several huge chests with Imperial medals and during their journeys it´s got lost alongside with its captain, the Adventurer. Captain Ramirez asks you to help with the search for the ship and its crew. They need to hurry if they want to allow poor sailors to reunite their families before Christmas. Will you be able to handle this mission?

    New currency: Imperial medals and Bronze chips

    You will earn them on your main island and the adventure island and it will be stored in the Island´s storage in the event currencies tab (same place as Easter eggs and Doubloons).

    You will be able to buy them in our shop with this different sizes:
    - Small package with 500
    - Large packagewith 3000

    You will earn and use them only on the Adventure island. You need to collect them and then construct the diving bell for the final exploration spot and the corresponding quests.



    The imperial ship is coming to your island and asks for goods of various levels in exchange for the Imperial medals. This quests line is not repeating itself (in comparison to Halloween or Annoversary event). You will be able to skip quests in the pool and the quest stays in the pool and will be offered you later again. Once the quest is finished, it gets out of the pool.

    Christmas treasure hunter

    Similar to the Easter treasure hunting captain, you can hire a Christmas treasure hunter. This ship goes out to actively search for Imperial ships and collect medals from them. Similarly to the Easter treasure hunter, you will be able to keep the Christmas treasure hunter.


    On the Adventure island the sectors are separated by the mountains massive and you need to find the way through. It will be done by exploring the following Exploration spots.

    Exploration spots
    Mountain pass
    Treacherous path running on the rocky massive side high above the abyss is not to be taken lightly. You need to explore it inch by inch to make a safe passage through.

    Cave complex

    Complex of caves within the rocky massive presents an unique challenge for daunting explorers but it´s the only way htrough to the last sector of the island.

    Sunken ship

    Before you can dive to the depths of sea and explore the ship´s wreckage, the diving bell needs to be constructed. Then nothing stands between you and the Imperial treasure laying down on the sea bottom.



    Oriental embassy

    Size: 4x4
    This building is a workshop producing Spices at the rate of 1 unit each 5 minutes. You can only own one Oriental embassy.

    Enhanced bakery

    Size 3x3
    As a final piece into the collection, the Enhanced bakery joins the Enhanced wheat farm and Haunted mill. This building works just as normal Bakery but with higher productivity rate. You can own up to 3 Enhanced bakeries.

    Christmas tree (limit1)

    Size 1x1
    Small Christmas tree is a decorative building and the final piece for the Forest of Event achievement (see below).

    - Fish soup
    Effect: 400% productivity for 3 hours

    - Christmas cake
    Effect: 400% productivity for 10 hours

    Forest of event achievement

    The Condition
    • You have all event trees from 2013
      • The Easter tree - Easter Event 2013
      • The Old tree - Annoversary Event 2013
      • The Haunted tree - Halloween Event 2013
      • The Christmas tree - Christmas Event 2013
    • All trees must be placed on the island on the same time

    The Reward
    • The Achievement “Forest of event” is added to the Quest book. Furthermore, you'll get some Rubies as a reward.

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