Winners: angeldark, jimichina, buseman, gouwe_schepen and gster
  1. angeldark
    Ahoy!!! Thar was a pirate he went on a island he saw a wee tailed imp. He liked th' tailed imp so he loot it. Then th' pirate went t' sail again but they needed grub 'n th' tailed imp needed grub aswell so th' pirates helper said t' send 'im away. th' pirate loot th' tailed imp t' th' furthest island wit' only sand no trees only sand 'n th' water was mighty mighty mighty deep. How did th' tailed imp come off th' island?How will a wee tailed imp know if ye didn' know.
  2. jimichina
    Hear ye! In a dusk o' a year 1718 th' infamous Blackbeard finally fell, he was th' last pirate cap'n t' terorize our humble town o' Peasantville! It loot two royal navy sloops 'n even though he was cornered wit' only few o' his scallywags aboard, while th' most were on shore.... he put one heck o' a fight, 'n jus' when it looked like he will get away once again..he fell down by th' cutlass o' th' great Admiral JimiChina
  3. buseman
    Ahoy! Somone told me thar was a ole ugly pirate named Donaldidioti Thrumpoo. He scuttled a scallywag onøy fer havin´ some sauce´n some sausages fallin´on his head while he walked pasïm at th´pub. Th´fact be that everyone said his hair was lookin´better havin´th´red sauce in it, but still scuttled the scallywag. n´those sayin´his hair was lookin´better did get a hard time later at th´ship .....
  4. gouwe_schepen
    On a cold 'n stormy day in November thar a chance t' see th' Flyin' Dutchman nigh th' island.Folks say that on th' island in a cove thar be a special bottle o' rum that could lift th' curse.But th' finder o' th' special bottle o' rum hisself would become th' next cap'n on th' Flyin' Dutchman.
  5. gster
    'Tis said th' souls of brethren pirates awaken once a year from th' wretched wreck at th' mighty mouth of Newport river. 'N be ye lookin' into th' greenish gloomy glare without a shiver, 'n be listenin' with care, ye be hearin' them mourn over long lost battles at sea, oh so woefully ! yarrr !

    Well done guys! Thank you all for your wonderful entries!