When I started playing Anno Online, exploring the first sectors meant hard work and excitement for what I would find in the next sector, building plans and stuff. Currently i'm exploring a sector on another island which takes me 4 days. 3 days ago I ran out of things to do because basically only this sector will allow me to advance in the game.

In my opinion the earlier sectors where the exploration time is less than a day works fine. The time you take adjusting to the game and the brakes you can to learn about it and solve any issues you currently experience is good. Later, however, it becomes a hassle, when you get stuck for days where no progress can occur, except perhaps buffing workshops and selling goods. I find that exploration timers more than around 3 days start to change the game flow in a negative way. Something has gone wrong when you need to wait a whole week before you can implement any improvements you have had in mind. It is just too long. I think it would be better to have the last 2 or 3 sectors take not much more than half the time they take now. For example having the second last take 2 days and the last take 4 days or something.
Otherwise i love the calm pace of the game, and the game is indeed great!

Any opinions, ideas or condemnations?